Took a long, long break

I took a break because, quite frankly, I was tired or writing and not doing anything when it came to responding to climate change.

But I am ready to get back into the game of learning what I can do.


Boulder Green Drinks April 28th.

greendrinks1Date: Apr 28, 2009
Time: 5:00 PM

Location: the b.side lounge

There’s gonna be a give-away!

What the world will look like

The city of the future?

The city of the future?

Any time you go the movies or read a book about the distant future, the scene many times appears to be described like either amageddon or the Jetsons. There is this idea that we’ll be whizzing around in flash two-seaters, alighting onto top decks to access our homes and businesses. And there are never any stop signs.  The more I think about it, the less likely this idea of the future seems. Can you imagine the line for security to get into your flash two-seater? TSA would be overwhelmed.

Rather I think the city of the future might look look more like this. Where the outdoors is more and better integrated into our

More likely Future of the City

cities. There is less asphalt and more trees. What type of mobility will be needed to traverse a city like this? Bikes are an answer but they won’t work in place like Houston, Tx. or even Firestone, Co. Or would they? Will we still need to rely on cars but cleaner burning ones? Or will we turn our communities completely around, requiring shops, schools and businesses in every community. Big box becomes small, ubiquitous box? Will corporations allow individuals to work from home? How will cities and counties earn money for roads if fewer people are purchasing fuel?

Once you start thinking about how we live and work and then begin to change a few of those elements, you realize that there are so many dependencies.

Why I like Sun Microsystems

Just found this article about Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy of which Sun Microsystems is member as is Starbucks and Levis.  Essentially it is a business lobby that wants to be included in the Obama administration’s discussion on climate change. Sun, according to this article (BICEP want to flex on climat change) wants to see a national energy efficiency goals for all utilities.

Yes, Sun has struggled for many years but the savings Sun has afforded cities by keeping its employees off the roads at critical rush-hour times has never been fully recognized nor acknowledged.  There’s still a way to go but with Sun’s strategy for green data centers and the way they continue to innovate, Sun is destined to emerge as a key player in this new, green economy.

Boulder Green Drinks – Tuesday March 31st

At the b.side lounge. Starting at 5pm. See you all there.

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Benoit Aquin wins Prix Pictet

Canadian photographer Benoit Aquin wins the Prix Pictet, an award established for photographic excellence in sustainability. Monocle has a small clip of the winner, if you can get through the music. The winner makes two interesting points: the unsustainable agricultural practices going on in China (something I had no idea was happening) and the new market for this type of work – photography that focuses on the environment.

This year's theme for the competition was water. Some of the photos are really quite amazing!

Pictet is a wealth and asset management group. I think that might mean "bank" but they seem to be committed to the promotion of sustainability in both business and the environment.

Great New Series – e2 series – Greening Economies

I don't know how I found about this PBS special – e2 Series -  but it is absolutely awesome. It is a series about economies becoming green. Each of the segments is available both on PBS and also as a free webcast or podcast for a limited amount of time. I have seen two so far: one about London and the other about Paris and both blew me away.

We call them "old Europe" (really, it was Donald Rumsfeld, who lobbed that comment)  but the innovative and somewhat courageous ways of reducing car use, encouraging bicycle use and promoting mass transit are really inspiring. Perhaps, not every solution works but they are trying different techniques and are convinced and convincing that cities should be designed for people and not for cars. Really great stuff. If you have some time and a good connection, you must check these out. And Brad Pitt is the narrator. 🙂