Riding to Work

Dsc01811I rode into work this morning from Boulder. It was a perfect morning for a ride, a bit cool starting out and then the build up of the heat. It felt like it was going to be a hot one by the end of the day and it was but that first morning ride was perfect.

The trip is about 14 miles one way and normally I ride home, as well. But I ended up with a flat and my husband thought dinner up Flatirons might be fun. I guess it defeats the purpose of riding in to save gas if you just end getting a ride home.  But there must be some merit in trying.

The picture was taken off of Cherryvale just before Marshall (I think that is the name of the road). I think it is one of the most beautiful views you can find.

Recently my ride in has been a little nerve-wracking. It may have been the heat of the summer, the imminent lay-offs or just general summer irritability  but it seemed like there were more aggressive drivers out and about in the Interlocken area.  But today’s ride was uneventful when it came to driver/bike interactions and almost pleasant. 


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