Hiking Mount Audubon

A couple of friends and I loaded up the back of  their jeep with dogs and backpacks and Mtaudobonheaded up to Mount Audobon on Saturday for a hike.  We started at Mitchell Lake Trailhead in the Brainard Lake Recreation Area. It was a super hike and we spent most of the walk laughing and taking pictures.  You can tell by the clouds though the weather was a bit unpredictable and, in fact, we were unable to summit as sleet and rain began to fall about 50 meters or so from the summit. We would have actually continued had we not heard the clap of thunder. We quickly did an about-face and scampered back down to tree line.
My friend, Catherine, checked that we were alright then all but ran down the mtn side hollering back to us to get below tree line. 

Once back at tree line the clouds cleared and a blue sky emerged. We were pretty wet at this time, so sat down for lunch instead of climbing back up and talked about going to the REI sale for waterproof pants. We were all pretty wet from the rain and sleet and realized our gear needed some updating.

We headed home through Ward, which seems like a great place to get used (or pre-owned) car parts with all makes and models parked up at the side of the road in varying degrees of decay. It’s like an organized, slightly subversive Pet Boys. We turned left round a bend and were brought up short by a tow-truck clearing being used to haul a  car up from the side. Kevin walked down to see how long the wait was for; he returned and said it would be a few more minutes.  Not long after, a white car emerged from the side like a fish being dragged up on a line. It was completely smashed in. I couldn’t believe the driver was walking around unscathed. It looked like she had lost her pants but that was all. Instead of a front wheel, she had a log in its place. We drove very slowly the rest of the way home.


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