The road to wyoming is long

We just got back from Dubois, Wyoming on Monday; we went up for the long Labor Day weekend. We left on a Thursday, stayed the night in Lander at the Silver Spur motel, and got to the cabin in Dubois around noon or so.  We ate great at the Cafe Wyoming and
Rustic Pine Steakhouse
and had some of the best meat I have ever eaten from Wind River Meat (at least, I that is the name of the business).

Dubois is a small town that provides access to some beautiful hiking in the Shoshone National Forest. It distills  old West living into a few store fronts, a classic looking bar and a wood plank sidewalk, located outside the Mercantile store.  But the town appears to be going through some significant changes with close to 50% of the businesses up for sale and a major road project underway just outside of town.

My friends and I talked about this and our concern that the town maybe contracting, with a population of only about 900, each person and business is probably pretty important. The drive out from Lander is marked by small towns that didn’t make it. We have some theories. One is that cars began to get better gas mileage and didn’t need to stop every 50 miles or so.  But that doesn’t explain why Rawlins made it but not the town before it. Perhaps, it  is the  natural wealth of these towns that allowed to adapt to changing traveling modes.

Still thinking about this one.Roadtowyo


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