Ecover Cleaning

My husband just bought this new brand of dishwashing detergent made by a company called Ecover; They manunfacture ecological detergents and cleansing agents. They are located in the UK but we were able to buy their detergent here in Boulder. Dsc01904 I think the site is very cool with a little interactive (read: flash) blueprint of a home that you can use to navigate to specific types of cleaners. You select the area where you need to clean and the site returns cleaning suggestions. I want to spend a bit more time looking around.

So far, the detergent has worked just fine. We have a crummy dishwasher so any potential eco impact we may have hoped to have is being washed down the drain; no pun intended. What’s also interesting is the packaging is made of 95 % recycled cardboard and the plastic wrappers are made from polypropylene and is 100% recyclable. The site also provides a nice ingredients list. Not that I know what any of the items are other than water it is still a nice feature.


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