Method Cleaning

Cleaning isn’t fun at all but there are some cool products out there that while they may not make it fun they may make a difference. We have just started using Method HE compatible laundry detergent. It showed up in the laundry room and I decided to check out their site. I definitely like their tag line-"People Against Dirty"; most people (exceptions: my younger brother) can get on board with that idea. This stuff is a triple concentrated laundry detergent-not really sure what that means but according to the site it means that their detergent isn’t diluted.  So water is saved, smaller bottles are used to sell the detergenet, so less plastic is used. But how does it clean? No problems so far. We have an HE washing machine and so far it works like a champ. No complaints. Except perhaps that I am cleaning.

The site also mentions that this product does not contain phosphates. Not knowing what that is, I looked it up on Turns out phosphates used to be used in detergents that would end up washing into rivers and lakes causing water blooms of algae and bacteria. You can read the more technical description involving elements. 

Another cool feature:never tested on animals.


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