Measuring Your Carbon Footprint

I have been reading through some of my colleagues blogs at Sun about eco-responsibility and I have been really amazed at the number and breadth of topics that are reviewed.  Here are some I found today:

  • Green Being – Eco Responsibility Program Manager
  • Aaron CohenEco Responsible Marketing Communications Manager

Both excellent reads and both gave me links to measure my own carbon footprint, which I thought would be great fun.  GB sent me  to British Pretoleum (Flash and Non-Flash) and Aaron sent me to Green Mountain Energy. Both were relatively easy to complete. Green Mountain asked for Kilowatt Hours (kWh) and talked about Therms, which is a measurement of energy content.  So, if you do that one make sure you have your utility bill handy. The one from BP was more comprehensive in that it included business travel, and any eco-measures you are taking to heat and cool your home.

The results. I had a below average Carbon Footprint using BP’s measurement and I was a filthy carbon pig using Green Mountain. Here are the BP carbon calculator results:

So, now what? Well, I figure I am probably somewhere in between pig and angel status and it is a starting point for recognizing that we all emit CO2 but then will get me thinking about how to responsibly and practically consume.

If you have the time, check out the BP site. It is amazing how eco-responsiblity has become part of the BP brand. Their second link after About BP is Environment and Society. Makes me want to fill up at BP everytime, which I imagine is what they are hoping, as well.

Note: If you are interested and need gas, it turns out there is a single BP in Boulder and it is located on Arapahoe and  55th.


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