In September, we were notified by Excel Energy that we were no longer on the waiting list and enrolled in their program for 100% Wind Energy for our electricity. yeah! We had been on the waiting list for quite some time. It was a big and reckless step to go straight from 0-100% Wind energy but if you have ever spent anytime in the Interlocken business park in  Broomfield, Co you have got to wonder why the whole state isn’t hooked into it. There have been times when I have struggled to get out my car and then felt like I was being suffocated as the wind forced its way down my nose and through my mouth – all this to get to the front door of my office.  At any rate, here is how the new charge work:

"…you will be charged the base energy rate plus a Windsource Adjustment charge of $1.046 per 100 kilowatt-hour (kWh) block. For example: if your monthly electricity cost is $55.35, your Windsource adjustment will be 5.23 (five 100 kWh blocks @ 1.046)."

The energy for Windsource comes from Colorado wind farms, some of which can be seen from 93 if you are driving the back way into Interlocken. This makes sense of course as this area is perfect as a wind tunnel and not so perfect for getting in/out of your car on a windy day. We also got a nice little sticker from Excel, which I won’t use but was very thoughtful!

Of course, now we’ll see if we can start conserving a bit too.


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