Reuse – ReSource Yard

A couple of weekends ago, my husband and I went out to ReSource Yard, where you can buy used building materials. They are located just off of 63rd and are well worth the visit. We picked up some used vinyl for our laundry room and found this cute cart for our bathroom, which we foolishly left behind and some person with their act together bought.

You can buy anything in this place: used chandeliers, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, doors – basically all sorts of used building materials.  I was stunned at the amount and diversity of materials they have. You should definitely go here before you go to Home Depot.

What is great about this effort is that instead of all those items ending up in the landfill, there is the possibility that they can be reused. The money that you spend goes back into the program as they are a non-profit organization, so the  money you spend on that used antique bathtub goes to paying employees, truck maintenance and creating new conservation programs. You can donate items, as well.


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