Blog Reading – Sort of a ramble

I was visiting the worldchanging site and read this about Sun.  David Douglas, VP of Eco-responsibility at Sun Microsystems, spoke  at Sustainable Innovation 06 about the costs of running a data center and the potential energy and carbon emission savings. He also mentioned Sun’s Open Work program, where employees can elect to work from home or in other locations. I take advantage of this program and think it was one of the best perks about working for Sun. I still run around slightly chaotically in the mornings but at least my rumblings are confined to my home and not taken out onto Hwy 36.

Sun has done some interesting things lately, the Open Work program being the most obvious. But they also have recently released Project Blackbox, a unique data center idea that helps customers save on their power bills, real estate costs and realize greater performance efficiencies. Blackbox is essentially a data center in a shipping container, which doesn’t sound like it would be particulary interesting until you realize you can actually move and manged this virtual data center anywhere: atop a roof, in a garage, remote villages – you get the idea. Then there are the energy savings because you can move your box where there is lower energy rate or opt to use cheaper, greener energy. It will be interesting to see where these things end up.

It really is amazing how common it is to see ads and articles related to the environment. I don’t know whether I am more attuned to look out for these things or if the topic is just becoming more commonly discussed. For instance, I was reading and came across this article about the ski resorts in Colorado (and elsewhere) actively working to control carbon emissions. That is one industry that stands to lose the most from global warming.  The article reveals some of methods the ski industry are doing to impact legislation, transportation and I guess comsumer perception – Aspen is releasing some ads at some point about this.

Then later in the day I was reading Sunset magazine and there in the crease was an ad for Yuban coffee in which they talk about their support for the Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans.  So, really the information is out there, we can have an impact, it is just a matter of paying a bit more attention and having a cup of coffee may help with that whole attention span thing.


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