Electricity Tax

My husband just found this article on the Daily Camera –
Nov. 8, 2006 – Boulder voters pass first energy tax in the nation

City of Boulder voters approved Initiative 202, the Climate Action Plan
Tax, on Tuesday, making this the first time in the nation that a
municipal government will impose an energy tax on its residents to
directly combat global warming. The tax will be collected by the local
electric utility company based on the amount of electricity used.

The money from the  tax will be used to fund the city’s Climate Action Plan, which was approved by City Council in June 2006. So, you can expect your house bill to increase by $1.33 per month and an average business about $3.80 per month.   This means that the difference between what I pay for wind power and what I used to pay (for coal-burning power) has gotten smaller. Throw in some measures for conserving and maybe the differences could be made smaller.

Part of me thinks this is great. Finally, we are paying for the true cost of burning coal. However, I think it is important to remember and prepare so that those families, who are struggling already have the support they need. It is an important balance to maintain.


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