Two Interesting Sites – Not a very local slant

I found these two sites last week that I really liked. I know reviewing Web sites doesn’t offer a particularly local slant but really anything that makes into on the Web becomes local in a way.  The first one  had some ideas/topics that made me stop and think.  renourish is a Web site for designers to provide ideas and support for creating more environmentally conscious graphic design craft. One of their posting was about designing for the death of your piece. This idea pushes the boundary of the whole "cradle to grave" idea.  One of their suggestions was to think about how a piece could be reused or remanufactured. I thought that was a great idea and wondered how it can be applied to other items in our life.  For example, I went out to Target and bought this shoe tree – kind of expensive, one of those California Closet items. When I got it home, I really looked at it. It was made in the US but from what? Would it last? Was it built to last?  And I started thinking about the idea of reusing things instead of buying yet more. So, I took it back and when I got home I found two glass bricks in the garage and made a shoe shelf.  And probably with a bit of time and some creativity I bet my shelf will work out just fine.

The other site I found was a fun way to rate and review green products and services. It’s called Five Limes and you need to set up a login/password to see the reviews of a product; I think 5 limes is like top honors.  Take a look at the category page – there is a lot of information here.


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