The debate continues – Carbon Offsets

So, the debate continues…and the old cliche nothing in life is really free or maybe it is the one that reads anything worth doing is worth doing well..or something like that begins to ring in my head. So, I found this article while I was reading another a blog by Russell Davies. He is some sort of planner/designer, so no real tie into the environment community but someone whose blog I enjoy reading.

The title from the UKs The Guardian reads The Great Green Rip-off? and basically gives the idea that buying carbon offsets or planting trees so you can fly and drive without guilt is a little like "…giving money to the RSPCA so you can keep kicking your dog." I have oversimplified here because the article does go into some depth about different tree planting programs sponsored by such celebrities as Cold Play and others and finds out the current state of those programs.

So, my feeling about all this is get your power from wind, then turn out the lights you are not using.


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