Giro Helmets & Recycling

I recently bought my husband a new Giro  helmet from Performance Cycling here in Boulder.  We have been cycling for a few years now and have started to accumulate old cycling helmets, most of which are Giro helmets. I emailed the company twice to find out what I can do with these used helmets and got no reply.  I know that there probably isn’t a lot you can do with used helmets but it seems like a bit of waste not to be able to do anything with them. I do think that the Giro should have some suggestions on what to do with their products once they have been replaced. 

In the meantime, I will keep them in the garage until I come up with a better idea than simply tossing them into the bin.Img_3252 I am now going to send Giro a link to this posting and see if I get any sort of response.


One response to “Giro Helmets & Recycling

  1. Here’s a couple of ideas for old cycling helmet:

    1) See if you can donate them to the Medicine Horse program in Boulder which offers therapeutic riding experiences. The safety requirements may be the same for horses and bicycles, but I’m not sure.
    2) Perhaps you can donate them to the Salvation Army (30th and Walnut, I think).

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