More on Environmental Steward Act

I just read the transcript from the environmental defense action fund about the McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship Act and it was good. I particularly liked McCain’s quote  "…they will have to change the name of Glacier National Park because there are no more glaciers." Really hard to argue with that. This came later in the transcript but I found it to be one of the most powerful points made during the Q & A section of the transcript.  At the beginning of the transcript Senator McCain says, " …climate change is real and that it has to be addressed." I think he is one of the first active politicians to admit that, that I can recall. 

According to the transcript, "the goal of the act is to get the US to the level of greenhouse gas emissions we were at in 2000 by 2010. You either have to emit less or buy some offset from others like forest or agricultural interests."  There is that whole idea of carbon offsets again.

Senator Lieberman talked about how the act will create financial incentives for fuel efficiency and alternative clean energy, which will help us break our dependency on foreign oil.

So, I think I am going to contribute and send in my petitions. I do think they need to do away with the whole hippie tote as an incentive to get people to contribute. Why not a cool t-shirt, decal or bumper sticker designed by a young and hip artist, or something trendy. I do like their Web site, though. Right on the front page, they give you links to the three keys things they want you to do:
Sign the PetitionDonate, Spread the Word.


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