NY Times Article: Wal-Mart & Compact Flourescents

On the front page of the NY times is the headline: "Wal-Mart Puts Some Muscle Behind Power-Sipping Bulbs"  and is about Wal-Mart’s effort to put the lightbulbs into 100 million homes. Wow! Here are some comparison numbers between compact flourescents and incandescent light:

  • CFs use 75% less electricity
  • CFs last 10 times longer
  • CFs produce 450 pounds fewer greenhouse gases
  • CFs can save consumers $30 over the life of each bulb

I’ll admit I don’t like Wal-Mart. Ever since I went to the one off of Sheridan near Superior, CO and saw about 150 gold fish crammed into a single fish tank, most of which were on their sides floating at the surface, I haven’t been a big fan. I just don’t think cheaper deoderant is worth the drive or the floating, half-dead gold fish.  But I do think this is tremendously good news and one that will have a number of unintended consequences if they succeed. The article does point out that most of these bulbs are built in Asia, so once again U.S workers may be vunerable. Additionally, the CFs contain mercury so disposal of all these CFs will need to be thought through or they’ll just end in a landfill.


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