I really want a Mini

Actually I want a British racing green, Mini Cooper S.Mini I am not a big fan of cars but I get really excited thinking about driving one of those. So, I looked at the gas mileage per gallon for the 2006 models. Here’s a quick break down: Mini Cooper S has a 13.2 gallon tank and gets approximately 28.36 miles to the gallon the Min Cooper (Manual) has a 10.6 gallon tank and gets 25.32 miles to the gallon.  You can pull all this information from their FAQs on the Miniusa.com site. I don’t think the gas mileage is that great for such a small car. I was expecting that their numbers would be in the 30s.

I also emailed the company to find out if they might be coming out with a hybrid plug-in. I received a nice email back from Patrick Hodges (he’s a MINI Customer Relations and Services
Representative), who let me  know that a hydrogen mini is part of their BMW Clean Energy Project. But I didn’t get too many details from him and to be fair I wasn’t expecting too much. I did respond to him to ask why they chose Hydrogen but have yet to get a response.  Also, I pointed out that I have not yet heard of any hydrogen refueling stations in Colorado, so clearly this is a long ways off.  But he did provide me with some urls to follow to read up more about BMWs Clean Enegry Effort.

I am also looking into what the costs/risks associated with converting a car from one that runs on gas to one that runs on electricty or a combo of both. I suspect that is very expensive and I wonder about the long term reliability of a car that has had such a major overhaul done to it.


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