Green Drinks, Boulder

I attended my first Green Drinks event tonight and I met a number of people doing some very cool things. There was Matthew Gerson of, Mike Johnson of ReDirect Guide, Kendal Norris from Clean and Green, and Eileen Purdy from Pampered Planet, to name just a few and a great group of people just like me showing up to meet and learn (sorry to anyone I left off).  Desiree’ Annetoinette was the host and it sounds like she has big plans for Earth Day, which is turning into Earth Week with a whole schedule of events. I have a lot of researching, reading and blogging to do because people were talking about all sorts of different Web sites, projects, terms and events about which I know very little.

I have never been to this type of social event before and I admit I was a little nervous but everyone was very friendly and you have at least one common interest to get a conversation going. We met up at the Boulder Outlook Hotel, which is a zero-waste hotel. I don’t know really what zero-waste means, so I’ll need to do some reading on that. But that is part of the whole process of talking with other people, educating myself and figuring out where it makes sense for me to get involved. I came away very excited and wanting to come up with my own line of eco-responsible cycling gear.

On a side note, it looks like the Boulder Outlook Hotel  is "Home of the Blues"! Who would have known.


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