sameunderneath clothing

Active Endeavors (known by some of us as Financial Endeavors) is one of those small shops that blurs the line between outdoor and urban clothing. I really like it but I probably blow the age demographics every time I go in there. Several months ago I was in there and saw this clothing line called sameunderneath.  I think it is one those clothing lines with a conscience. The clothing is made from bamboo and the founder designs so he can teach young people. Although, from the Web site I couldn’t get a very clear idea of what exactly. Nevertheless, I bought a zip-up light-weight jacket, to replace one I had worn out, and I really like it. The fabric is soft and feels well-made and is slightly fitted.

It’s interesting how versatile bamboo is and how ubiquitous it has become. I spent a fair portion of my teen ages years hacking back a stand of bamboo in my mother’s back garden. It was home to large nests of wasps and other sharp, stinging animals. If only I had known I could have made cutting boards and hoodies out of it. 


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