Electric Scooters

I met Eric Peltier at Green Drinks and he sent me this link to EVTAmerica. Electric Scooters! The models are pretty cool and one of them gets up to 45 MPH. I think that model is the Z20, which is not yet for sale but already has a waiting list. You can only get these online as I guess including a dealer would increase the prices fairly considerably.

They look pretty hip and trendy sorta of like eco-friendly vespas. I’d like one but I already stayed seated enough with work that if I get a chance to zip around town I really should do it on my bike.

I was reading the FAQ and came across this question:

Most persons would benefit from owning an electric scooters because it is practical, easy to drive and inexpensive to run. But persons who commute within a reasonable distance, such as employees, housewives, students, guards, security personnel, and office workers, have a big incentive. People who work in places where parking facilities are very limited and expensive would greatly benefit. Persons who are able to charge the scooter while at destination in order to return safely to the point of origin have an added advantage because they can in fact duplicate the range of the electric scooter.

Housewives? What an odd label to include.


One response to “Electric Scooters

  1. I think that electric scooters are a great idea for an eco-friendly, efficient, and fun way to get around. Two concerns, though, why don’t any of the companies that make these scooters offer a sidecar that could seat a canine? What about when it rains? How am I supposed to keep dry?

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