Bush – State of the Union Address

I watched the state of the union address last night and was stunned to hear Bush say those two words – "Climate Change".  Wow! Finally, it seems that this very real problem is actually being acknowledged and there  is talk about what we are going to do about it: reduce our fuel consumption by 20%, invest in alternative fuel sources, and look at nuclear energy. Even Time had an article posted: Bush Goes Green?

Of course, how this is all accomplished remains to be seen. Bush really emphasized  using technology to address this problem. Working at a hi-tech company may mean I lean a little more to the advances of technology to help us tackle this issue but I also look at the job opportunities this may generate. I think I read somewhere that Colorado is the site for a new wind-turbine farm but I can’t remember where I read that. That could potentially be huge for Colorado as we could become a leading center for alternative fuel research and technology.

I won’t talk about the rest of the speech as there are plenty of places to get that type of commentary.  I was just relieved to hear the possibility we may actually address this global problem.


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