The Eco Blues

I was reading a couple of different articles on, one of which was the "the smoking gun report". I also get quite a few emails from different eco-groups asking me to sign this or asking for donations. This is all fine and worthy but what I don’t get is why it all has to be wrapped up in a fog of gloom and doom. Yes, the environment is in poor shape on a potentially catastrophic scale but why to get people involved do we have to scare them? Why can’t we instead compel people to get involved because it is the hip and trendy thing to do or maybe even the right thing to do or the alternative is just not viable.

It seems to me, at least from my limited exposure, that we might encourage more enthusiasm about protecting the environment if we make people feel good about the environment first, attach a value to that feeling and get them involved. I’m still thinking this idea through. I just know that I am tired of getting emails with the words: Gloomy. Bleak. Wrenching. to describe the environment. I think those words while they may be true are just kind of inflammatory. If it is really that bad, some people instead of getting involved may just throw their hands up and walk away. And that is the last thing, we would want to happen.   


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