Interview with an Eco-Diva

Do you ever meet those people who are totally energized, have tons of stuff going on and know everyone and are just naturally plugged in? That’s Desiree’. I met Desiree‘ Annetoinette at Cafe Sole in South Boulder. Desiree‘ appears to be anywhere or everywhere there is a green event. She either has a hand in it, has organized it or it was her idea. I thought this would be a typical interview – I ask the questions and she would respond. That is not how the interview went, rather we talked casually about a variety of topics, like her work on Green Scene, Earth Week, Green Drinks and her children’s clothing line Edgewear. So, here is Desiree‘ take on living large and green:

Green Scene

Green Scene will be a Web site, which Desiree‘ intends to make the "Cutting Edge of Eco". The site will have compelling, zany and crazy content to encourage people beyond the usual environmental demographic to visit the site and get engaged. There will be serious reports about the environment for those who want it but her hope is to provide content that anyone would be interested in reading or watching. The site will feature bloggers writing and showing videos about all sorts of topics, like music, yoga sex, enviro-porn, lectures. For Desiree‘, it is about bringing all different types of people together and planting a seed or an idea and encouraging people to step out of their mind-set. Everyone is somewhere on a "range of how environmentally knowledgeable they are" and that shouldn’t matter. Where ever you are on the scale, she wants people to feel welcome and feel comfortable to get involved.

Hazel_logo Eco Film Festival

This is a nation-wide event, that actually got its start in Seattle. Desiree‘ has been working with the Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Network to have some of their best films and video clips made available to us here in Boulder. These films will be showed during Earth Week. Nope. That isn’t a typo – Earth Week. Desiree‘ intends to extend the single day appreciation to an entire week. The week will be crowded with all types of events: a fashion show, films, parties, etc.

Greendrinks_4 Green Drinks

For Desiree‘ the biggest question in her mind was "Why doesn’t Boulder have a green get-together on a regular basis?". So, she started one. Green Drinks is a chance for people in the environmental field or just interested in the environment to meet up and chat. The group has had two meetings so far and the attendance has been strong. Desiree‘ is even thinking of starting a Kid’s Green Drinks Boulder.

Edgewear Children’s Clothing Line – Edgewear

Edgewear is an eco-friendly children’s clothing line made out of recycled materials obtained from Ecocycle in Boulder, Colorado. The clothing line was inspired by her son, Edge.


For Desiree‘ all her passions are coming together and she is using everything that she has learned and is passionate about to get everyone involved in learning about the environment. To her mind, "we can satisfy ourselves and satisfy the environment". Desiree‘s goal is to bring an edginess, an extreme view, an aggressiveness to her work that people forget that her work is part of an environmental effort. But it is, because after all everything is about the environment.

Get Involved

Interested in helping out with the Green Scene, Green Drinks or Earth Week, drop Desiree‘ a line at

Note: All pictures were pulled from their respective sites.


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