Levi Jeans & Organic Cotton

I was sifting through this month’s Esquire; Hubby gets it and sometime it is an interesting read. I saw a two-page ad for Levi’s Eco Jeans, so I checked out their site to find out more. The site didn’t really go into much detail about their eco-line. They simply stated: "We’ve made our basic boot-cut jean of organically grown cotton." Nothing about where the cotton is grown, who is making the jeans or any other information other than they use green stitching  accents. Green for eco I guess. The only place it looks like you can get your hands on a pair of these is down in Denver, near Cherry Creek. I wonder when Gap will jump on board.


One response to “Levi Jeans & Organic Cotton

  1. Eco jeans seem like a great marketing idea that will really take off. Unfortunately, I suppose that clothing can be marketed as eco-friendly even though the labor used to go into making the jeans might be unethical. What we really need is a company to make jeans of organic cotton, employ an ethical labor force and ship the jeans to the stores in a way that does not burn precious fossil fuels…the supply chain is complicated and long…but might finally justify the > $300 that some people pay for fancy jeans. One side comment: why don’t they make jeans for canines?

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