Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Maybe because it is early in the morning but I could not find the recent climate change report on the IPCC site, which I found staggeringly annoying. I did however find a link to it from Aarhon Cohen’s green blog. His link must be to the cliff notes because the document was only 18 pages long; it’s called the Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis, Summary for Policymakers.

I read bits and pieces of it. Lots of graphs and maps filled with red colors symbolizing heat, I guess. Here are a couple of quotes:

Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, as is now evident from observations of increases in
global average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting of snow and ice, and rising global
average sea level (see Figure SPM-3).


So even if we stabalized there would still be an increase in global temperture by about 0.5C, mostly by 2200.

That last one is a huge bummer.


One response to “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

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