Boulder County Business Journal

I get the Boulder County Business Journal and they have a whole section on Green. This week’s article is about the Sustainable Opportunities Week Summit, which will be held Feb. 28 – March 2nd at the Sheraton Four Points at Hampden and I-25 in Denver. The article talks about "how green is the new google" but doesn’t give much info on who is attending and if it is open to the public. However, there is a Program Overview. Mel Coleman Jr., (pres. of Coleman natural foods)made some interesting points in the article about  how companies can maintain their culture  as they  get larger and introduced this idea of the "triple bottom line" – fiscal, social and environmental. I thought this was a great point. I think increasingly the impact a company has on the environment will have to be included in how you value a company’s worth. If a company is going great guns but is consuming and polluting at the same pace, there should be someway to include the dollar amount (of that pollution) in the cost of doing business.  Of course, that additional cost will probably be passed onto consumers. But then we can decide  if those goods and services are worth the additional costs until an alternative or  cheaper way is found to provide the same goods.

The cost of the Summit is $285 for an individual. I wonder why these events are so expensive and they don’t open the doors to the general public to review what’s going on? Eco-Snobs!


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