Wine in a carton – French Rabbit

My friend has been bugging me to post something about this new wine we found called French Rabbit. First off, the wine tasted pretty good and got better and better with each glass.  I don’t know anything about wine but I would definitely buy it again and particularly for camping.The carton can be recycled and protects your wine from UV rays. I am not sure I buy the whole protect your wine from UV rays as I don’t often have wine around long enough for the bottle to collect dust or the wine itself to be damage by the sun. One of the best lines I have ever read about wine was "wine is like drinking sunshine" or something like that.
I really like the packaging as it gives you all sorts of tips on what types of foods work with whichever wine you purchased, appropriate cellar temp (snort:hehehehe) and provides a brief history of wine containers from animal skins to barrels to bottles to today’s Tetra Pak.


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