Colorado Lottery

Who would have known it was so much more than a poor man’s tax. My friend wrote this piece on the lottery as if it were me. I don’t know where she got the idea that I dreamed of a large ranch filled with nipping, barking, shedding cattle dogs. Anyway here it is:


A Dollar and a Dream…”

My friend was asserting the green benefits of buying a lottery ticket and my initial response was to scoff at her financial foolishness. On further research, however, it appears that the green benefits achieved by Colorado Lottery proceeds outweigh any of the social embarrassment of spending a dollar on the statistically remote chance of winning millions of dollars.

At the very least, you have paid a dollar for a dream. While my own dreams may include breeding Australian Cattle Dogs on a big ranch which includes cows for the pups to herd, Colorado Lottery proceeds fund green dreams for our state. The Colorado Lottery website asserts that “Since 1983, the Lottery has returned more that one billion dollars to the people of Colorado. Those funds have gone to build parks and recreation facilities help preserve wildlife and open spaces, and build state facilities.” Readers can review how the money distributed by county at

Specifically, in Boulder County (where given the demographic I would be shocked if anyone ever one even a dollar from a lottery ticket…although my friend claims to have won $7) proceeds are distributed as follows:

  • Up to 50% goes to the Great Outdoors Colorado Trust Fund: $12,558,817

  • 10% goes towards State Parks: $43,275,695

  • 40% goes to a Conservation Trust Fund $5,609,922

  • The pdf file–—even identifies specific parks and trails which receive lottery proceeds. I have to admit that this site even lists one of JJ & Ray’s favorite trails.

  • There are even links to downloadable trail maps on the website

Even if I never win the Powerball, at least Colorado Lottery proceeds go towards a greener good.


So, I stand corrected!


One response to “Colorado Lottery

  1. Apparently your friend did not review her content for grammar…on the last sentence in paragraph two, she forgot to include “is”. Also, she used “one” where it should have been “won” in paragraph 3. Was she writing this thing at 5:30 a.m. or what?

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