BMW & Hydrogen

I read an article on cnnmoney called BMW’s Hydrogen 7: Future or flop? BMW owns Mini so I was particularly interested to read whether their hydrogen engine would be showing up anytime soon. According to the article, there are just three hydrogen filling stations in the United States. The H-7 is meant to be a transitional car until there are hydrogen filling stations dotting the landscape sometime in 2027. At this rate, I’ll be able to buy my mini when I am 67 years old. Perfect!

Tomorrow I am riding my bike into work.


One response to “BMW & Hydrogen

  1. Old diesel Mercedes vehicles are already available for conversion to biodiesel fuel. Colorado already has 13 filling stations and GM plans to build 40 more in the state by the end of the year (, reducing your concern about fuel availability. Also, you get the added benefit of recycling a vehicle. The Mercedes diesels available for conversion tend to be multiple decades old, but as a result are very economically priced. Plus, there is room for multiple canines in the back seat.

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