Another contribution from The Brez:

The effort to be green has apparently expanded into the bathroom—and not to the flow of water coming out of your showerhead or the flushing capacity of your toilet. Bamboo bath towels are all the rage among consumers who aim to be environmentally conscious (and less concerned about the thickness of their wallets).

On March 16, 2007 the Wall Street Journal Catalog Critic reviewed bamboo towels in the article entitled “In the Bathroom, Bamboo Grows”. This article cited a comment from Peggy Goutmann, associate professor of textiles at Philadelphia University, that the only ecologically-friendly aspect of bamboo is that “The plant itself is very fast-growing and it is more plentiful than pine tress. Otherwise, she says, it’s a marketing thing.”

Nevertheless, multiple enterprising eco-exploiters including Cuddledown (, Land’s End (, Brookstone (, Bed Bath & Beyond (, and CB2 ( offer Bamboo-infused bath towels ranging from $20-$25.

My advice: take the extra $14 you are saving buying an old-fashioned Egyptian cotton towel and donate it to the Sierra Club. Or, invest in making sure that your faucets don’t drip.


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