Green Desk – Sometimes the Answer is Simple

A contribution from The Brez:

My search for a desk for my home office was expedited this month when my husband decided to take the GMAT exam and to apply for a new job. Our current home office is occupied by a former dining room table that I purchased during grad school from a couple moving out of Chicago. This table has offered an exceptional workspace for me for the last several years. As I now work from home nearly 90% of the time, this “desk” is insufficient for both of us.

As I considered an addition to our office, I pondered several issues. First, I am now an adult and maybe it is time for a “big girl” desk rather than further populating the office with an additional mix of real and fake multi-colored wood types with furniture in varying levels of style and deterioration. That said frugality, simplicity and fiscal responsibility tend to dominate my purchasing style (well, maybe not always).

So, my search began perhaps without sufficient criteria. I started at Resource 2000, a not-for-profit organization in Boulder (that sells surplus building materials and donated items at 50-70% of retail). Please see the article located at My desk search expanded to Cost Plus World Market…and then to Pier One Imports. It continued at the Salvation Army, tag sales, and the Unfinished Wood Store. It expanded to the second-hand office furniture store. Tipping my hat to the new “adult” me, I queried my sister-in-law who works at Pottery Barn and gets a discount there. I still could not find the “perfect” desk.

Last weekend, my search for a desk ended rather unexpectedly at the Jaycees Club! That organization was moving out of its facility and getting rid of a perfectly functional office desk—for free. This desk was sitting outside of the rapidly emptying Jaycees facility with a sign taped to it with the word “free” on the side of it. I quickly pulled over my car to see if the desk was available. It was.

Free, functional, mildly attractive and the ability to recycle something without paying a middleman ultimately influenced my decision to take the desk. Too often in our efforts to be green it is easy to find that an enterprising capitalist has inserted him or herself into the middle of the transaction to take advantage of an expanding market.


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