Global Warming Expo

My husband and I just reserved two tickets to the Global Warming Expo on April 3rd at the Boulder Theater. Tickets are $10 apiece and you get a  Global Warming Action Kit, which includes the following:

  • 10% discount on Residential Home Energy Audits from the Center for ReSource Conservation (worth $10 – $35)
  • A free compact fluorescent light bulb from Namaste Solar Electric
  • 15% discount on everything in the store at Boulder Running Company
  • $50 in free accessories with the purchase of a new bicycle at University Bicycles
  • plus other items

There will be speakers, a documentary and a Q & A session. There will also be music, which to be honest puts me off a bit but I guess I shoulddn’t be so judgemental. It might be good or it just might be drums or some sort of interpretive dance about global warming. The documentary is called "Kilowatt Ours, A Plan to Re-Energize America" and the speakers are Tom Plant and Will Toor.

For $10 bucks, it’ll be worth checking out. You never know who you might meet or what you might learn.


One response to “Global Warming Expo

  1. It seems to me like the dance component of this expo is an attempt to offer different elements to this event in order to appeal to all types of “ecos”–conservative, reluctant (that might be the Brez), hippies, capitalists, etc. Defining global warming as an “opportunity” particularly appeals to the more enterprising ecos…

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