New Urbanism

Img_00021My husband & I went up to the Holiday area, north of Boulder, for a cup of coffee at Spruce Confections. The coffee is good and the big, overstuffed chair is even better.
I really love the old chest of drawers they have for the milk, cream and sugars. While we were driving over there, we noticed that Coburn is now a green builder. We almost moved out to North Boulder, when we were looking for a house and the idea of a mixed-use area really appealed to us. However, we soon realized that our little Sunnypoint area was already mixed-use with its make up of town homes, single-family dwelling homes, affordable condos, Christian/Valmont parks and light-industrial just off 47th. Granted, it is not nearly as hip and trendy but we do have easier access to the Mtn. Sun along the bike path.

Img_00041Anyway, driving back home I stopped off to get some shots of this new branding of Coburn
and noticed there were a few homes for sale – three bed/baths with a fenced backyard. They were a lot larger than I expected at around 3, 000sq feet but what I did not expect at all was the $729,000 price tag. Three-quarters of a million dollars to live in a mixed-use place? Wow! There are quite a number of businesses out there but I would struggle to find many that would allow you to earn enough to be able to afford one of these homes. I guess people can work from their homes now but that price has really made me look at the idea of New Urbanism (at least in this area called Holiday) a little more closely and granted I don’t know enough about it to make any immediate judgments but something doesn’t seem quite right about it.


One response to “New Urbanism

  1. Interesting that “Coburn” is vaguely reminiscent of “Woburn” as in Woburn, Mass. What a sham from an environmental perspective if they were to meet the same fate…

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