Bliss Ice Cream & ecotainers

My husband and I met up at the Bliss Organic ice cream/coffee shop (note: this is a link to a restaurant review from the Rocky Mountain News) last week on Thursday. Normally, I’m not keen to get coffee at an ice cream place like I wouldn’t normally purchase a bagel from a coffee shop. It’s really hard to find a place that does two distinct things really well. Well, Bliss makes great ice cream and a really good latte.

While sitting back enjoying the weather and the coffee, we noticed that the cup was called an econtainer and was produced by Green Mountain Coffee Roaster (GMCR). The cup was made "entirely from plant-based materials". What was more interesting about this cup and reminded me again of the amount of info. out there on the web  was the commitment of GMCR to social, economic and environmental practices outlined on their Web site. They’ve been in business for 25 years and have built social responsibility into their business plan.  The site even provides a link to their social responsibility report. I haven’t read it yet as each time I have clicked on the link my browser hangs.

The Web site doesn’t say for how long they have included the ideals of social responsibility into their business principles. But they are very much involved in fair trade and relief efforts now.  Their site is definitely worth spending some time on just to become a bit more familiar with this idea of fair trade and what it really means.


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