Function and Abstinence

Been out on vakay and just returned…

The title of this entry "Function and Abstinence" sounds like a page from a high school sex ed class but it is actually a great phrase I read while reading Green Posturing.  I was on the on the site reading about the direction in which the green trend is moving and thought the author summed up a very valid and probably less-sexy view of living an eco-responsible life. Consuming less and better utilizing the items we buy. What’s the point of buying organic-cotton blue jeans, if the energy to make them exceeded the amount used to make a regular pair of jeans. And what’s the point of buying the jeans anyway until I have lost that weight. (Oh, side note)

The blog entry points to a New Yorker article called Greener Postures and reviews some of the ways the hip and trendy are showcasing their green credentials. One of the examples is an oil-drum coffee table, followed by a hand-cranking washing machine bucket. Now the article suggests that maybe this hype and the flow of cash is not so bad but I am more inclined to agree with the blogger, who I think is Piers Fawkes. Of course, I think this whole idea of consuming less and using the items we buy great, so long as what we have purchased is actually well-made and can stand up to the rigors of being used and used a lot.

While I am on the subject of green consumption, a new fair-trade boutique is coming to Boulder. Called Momentum,  according to their Web site they strive to promote local artisans and fair trade practices.  The shop is not open yet but here is a pic of the front of their store Img_03731



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