Product Review – Patagonia W’s Huckleberry

My trail running shoes from Montrail were beginning to wear thin. I had had them for about 18 months or so and had worn them hard: hiking, walking the dog, cycling. I think I wore them every day. Well, I decided to replace them this weekend and was looking at either Keen or Patagonia.

When I started the search, I knew very little about Keen or Patagonia shoes. We checked out REI and I tried on a pair of Keen light hiking boots. They were a nice looking shoe but the heel box felt really low and loose.  We then headed to Neptune Mountaineering, a great shop in South Boulder. It’s the type of shop, where you feel like you should get suited up and head straight up the first mountain you encounter. It’s full of pics from past adventures, examples of archaic climbing tools and great camping and clothing gear. 

I tried on a pair of Patagonia W’s Huckleberry and was pretty impressed. Well, impressed enough to buy a pair. The laces nearly turned me off, though. It was liking tying ribbon into a bow. But they gave a comfortable fit and were snug in the heel. A few features of the shoe that I pulled from their site are:

  • This sturdy, supportive hiking and approach shoe has a Vibram® Ecostep™
    (30% recycled rubber) outsole with edging and smearing zones:
  • The 70% recycled synthetic-cork footbed has a carbon component with
    antimicrobial qualities; sturdy EVA foam midsole is 15% recycled.
  • Midsoles are made from 15% recycled EVA content

Of course, I am not really sure what EVA content nor antimicrobail are, so I will be looking that up next. It’ll probably turn out to be some sort methane gas or styrofoam.

However, I really like Patagonia’s commitment to the environment and their belief in living wages for their employees but I had never purchased anything. They haven’t made shoes before, so I took a bit of a gamble but after two small hikes they are feeling pretty good.


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