Clif Bar on the road with biofuel

I was cycling along Pearl St. up to Mike’s Camera on the corner of Pearl St and Valmont. It was around 5:20, so the traffic, both bike and car, was thick. I was nearly hit twice: once by a car and another time by a bike. The guy on the bike came speeding out of a corner to make a light and had just enough time to see me, correct his direction and say "soooooooooooryyyyyyyyyy".

Either the heat or my allergies are beginning to take a toll and reduce my senses to mush or I am reaching a lovely zen plateau. Generally, I am not too impressed when people inadvertently come a little close but you just have to accept that sometimes you are not seen. Once the temps. begin to descend from their peaks, we’ll see if this inner calm maintains itself or comes crashing down in a string of expletives.

As I was waiting on the corner of Pearl and 28th, I saw this enormous vehicle in the left-turn lane. It was a Clif Bar truck and through the miasma of heat and fumes I noticed that it ran on biofuel. This wasn’t as hard as you might imagine – the truck had the words "powered by biofuel" or something like that painted on its side. I must admit I wasn’t feeling particularly generous towards other vehicles (maybe that zen feeling is simply heat exhaustion) and thought "whatever, they are still driving an enormous truck".  But instead of going off my initial reaction, I went to the Clif Bar site and read up on what they are doing.

To their credit, they admit they are new to the ideas of sustainability but appear to be taking steps to move their business in that direction. By happy coincidence, I found a newsletter that introduced the Clif Bar truck and biofuel. How often does that happen – that you find exactly what you are looking for on the Web?  The newsletter  contains a progress report on Clif Bar’s efforts to reduce their environmental footprint and talks about how they offset their carbon emission by working with NativeEnergy to build wind farms. This is their fourth issue on Sustainability and even though it is 16 pages it is a pretty easy read.

So, despite a little personal inconvenience I learned a little more about a company I would never think about in the context of sustainability.

Note: If you visit the NativeEnergy site, be warned. Once you are on the site, a voice starts telling you how we have the technology today, which is great to hear but if you are sitting in a quiet area then maybe it is not the most ideal.


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