Nau – clothing boutique in Boulder

I should have posted this entry a week or so ago but I wanted to go back and get a picture of the front of the store. F-man and I headed over to the Boulder mall to check out a few of the stores and grab a coffee at Peets.  I had been wanting to check out Nau for quite some time after reading about their store but just hadn’t gotten around to it.  Their clothes are made from recycled polyester – recycled from soda-pop bottles. I love the ideas of the store: sustainable products, developing new fabrics through recycling processes and a percent of their store sales are donated to charity. And you as a consumer can help determine where that money is donated.  I guess when you have found your eco-friendly, very hip top and are headed for the register, you are informed of possible choices then.

The layout of the store is clean and spare: concrete floors, wood and steel.  Touch-screens show you inventory and the staff seem genuinely helpful. I really loved the store but just couldn’t get too excited about the clothes. They felt and looked a little like that 80s fabric – acetate, kind of a matte-shiny with an unusual texture. The colors were a little subdued and that may be due to the limitations of eco-friendly dyes but I couldn’t help but feel that a communist looking for a new grey shirt would feel right at home.  Most of the clothes were serious and somber, as if to say, "these environment issues are very, very important and there is no place for pink, or green, or red". A friend of mine said, "well, maybe it’s their line this season". Maybe. But it’s summer here in Boulder.

I don’t know anything about the quality but I am willing to go back and get fitted with my own grey blouse and see how it wears and feels. It’ll be perfect for winter.


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