Boulder Peak Tri – Zero Waste Event

My husband participated in the Boulder Peak Tri this weekend. We went early on Saturday to pick up his packet, cruise the tents for goodies and hear the rules and such. One gal has participated in like a dozen iron man competitions; she is 76!! And I think, if I heard correctly, is a nun. He addressed her as sister something. I was stunned and immediately started flexing my abs to do something in response to Sister Ironman.

Barry Siff spoke to the crowd about this event being the first Zero Waste tri. He pointed to composting/recycling bins scattered around the area, talked about the packet pickups that had been distributed to participants in Whole Foods canvas bags, and asked each participant to buy a carbon off-set ticket for their journey to the race.  I liked the bags but they were filled with coupons and flyers; I wonder why all that stuff cannot be saved to individual USB drives. Participants could print out the flyers they wan to use and then the USB key back and receive some extra goody. Seems like that would limit even more the amount of paper used.

Then a guy named Mark McCormack (I think) a recent finisher of an Ironman in 7:54 took the stage. He was from Australia and talked about how important it is that we tackle this problem and the impact it is having on Australia now.   As the sun climbed higher into the sky to better scorch the earth below, it seemed like the temperature soared to further underscore the need for clever thinking and individual responsibility.

Read all about their Tri-Sustainability Initiative.


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