Eagle County has Eco Programs

Colorado is a beautiful state. Let’s get that out of the way, right off the bat. Dramatic canyons, inspiring peaks, bubbly and refreshing creeks and sweeping plains. It also has pretty damn hot summers. My husband and I were up around White River National Forest, where we stayed at the Coffee Cup Campground. Very cute camp area on the Flat Top area with lots of wonderful amazing views. Of course, the 16-mile, breath-holding, no guard-rails, dramatic plunges to depths below was not relaxing. However, that is not the point of this posting.

While my husband was learning how to white water raft, I took the dogs swimming and then I decided to head to Eagle to see if there was a park, where we could escape the scorched-earth policy of the day. I found a great park, with a great play area for the kids, a few couples lounging in the wedges of shade they could find beneath very young trees. The dogs were passed out in the back of the Subaru. With the windows rolled down and the back open, I settled into a camp chair to read. That’s when I noticed this car:Img_0428
Eagle County has Green Programs.  Isn’t that great!!? From their Web site, it looks like they have two program: Eco Transit and Eco Trails. The trails effort is for multi-use, non-motorized urban trail system. The Transit program is an environmentally-sensitive transit system. I didn’t find out anything about these cars, though. So, I have no idea what they are used for but what a great way to promote their efforts. I mean, I noticed after all.


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