Teko Socks

I picked up this month’s Rocky Mountain Sports. The whole issue is dedicated to green gear and living. Boulder-based Teko is featured and I was surprised by a couple of things about this company. One, they are based here in Boulder and two, they are totally committed to bringing hi-tech gear with little ecological impact. And they’ll refund your money up to a year from purchase if you are not totally satisfied.

I actually have a pair of their socks. I think I have these yellow ones and so far so good. They are really soft and very comfortable. I have only worn them once or twice but I think they are worth the price.  According to their site, they are reducing the amount of nylon they use and replacing it with Ecopoly recycled polyester, which I think might be recycled polyester.

Most of the issue in RMS was devoted to spending yet more money to get more stuff. But at the very least, they give suggestions on what to purchase one you have worn out your gear. Which brings up another topic. I am not the biggest fan of Nike.  There’s not really a rational or well-thought out reason for my dislike; I just think they make shoddy gear. But I do think their Reuse-A-Shoe sounds pretty cool.

Nike will take any brand of shoe as long as it does not contain metal and will use them to make new surfaces in sporting areas, like soccer and tennis. I am not really sure what type of metal would be used in shoes. The only thing I can think of are the metal eyes for shoelaces. I couldn’t really find anything on their site but will keep searching for additional info. on this.


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