Carbon Footprint vs Ecological Footprint

EcoresultsI am taking a green building class at CSU down in Denver. As part of our homework, we were asked to complete an ecological footprint test. I just finished it and according to the results I am a resource-swilling hawg. I think our house is considered too big for two people and we probably don’t eat enough locally-grown foods. Of course, when I changed our house’s occupancy to 4, our footprint became smaller. But then it seems to me, consumption of foods and services and their corresponding output of waste would be greater and therefore the footprint larger but it doesn’t appear to work that way. So, I am a pig but I don’t intend to produce more people to live in our home to reduce our footprint. I guess we could move but green, new-urbanism homes in Boulder are simply out of our price range at the moment…at least until my big break into Hollywood.

So, what should we do? I followed the site links to "what-I-can-do-type" of content and eventually ended up on New American Dream, whose solutions appeared to be buy more stuff. So, I think I may have gotten a bit lost. One of the suggestions I did follow was a site devoted to helping you reduce your junk mail, which I can do.

A few months ago, I completed a carbon footprint quiz provided by BP and one on the Green Mountain Energy site and those results were a little more positive. But I don’t know enough about how each quiz is developed or how the questions are weighted to know which one is giving me a more accurate assessment of the amount of resources I use. I sometimes think this is the problem with the green effort, there are all these different measurements, issues and alarms that people don’t know what to read, who to listen to or what to react to. I guess in moments like these, you just have to go buy something.


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