The texture and feel of color

I am reading an amazing book called, The Eyes of the Skin, by Juhani Pallasmaa. The author is a Finnish architect and the whole point of the book is to explore the idea of the impact of a vision-dominated philosophy and culture on architecture and to offer a guide to creating multi-sensory architecture. I am not an architect but I do know when a building makes me feel uncomfortable (an airport) and when a space makes me feel calm and comfortable (my fave coffee shop).

The topic in the book may not have a lot of relevance to the environment or maybe there is. In the green building classes I am taking there are discussions around the impact of poorly designed or sick buildings on the health and productivity of its occupants. Perhaps, the exclusion of our other senses in the design and building of our architecture has created this situation. We have become so focused on the visual aspect of a building that we may be overlooking its impact on our other senses and may even have become less concerned about the actual construction and materials used.

I haven’t finished the book but to use a bad pun, "it has been an eye opener". One of the ideas reviewed in the book is the skin’s ability to distinguish color. The author doesn’t provide examples or studies, where individuals successfully identified the color yellow by touching it but I am hoping that a bibliography at the back of the book will provide details on where to get more information.


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