Holidays, LEED and damn it’s cold

This past week has been a snowy, windy blur of holiday meals, family and the USGBC LEED reference guide. I’ve spent a fair bit of this  holiday reading about how to calculate full-time occupancy, storm water management strategies and determining green roof surface areas and I am only about a 1/3 of the way through. My goal was to take the LEED accreditation at the end of January but that was about as likely as not eating the last piece of chocolate fudge in the fridge.

So here I am sitting in the Laughing Goat coffee shop off of Pearl St. reading through the USGBC LEED reference guide for new construction. I feel like I am making good progress but then I thumb through the remaining pages and get a little overwhelmed. Most of these concepts, except for the very basic "this is a building" concept, are unfamiliar to me. But I am enjoying the process of taking notes and marking up study materials; I haven’t had to stretch my brain in this direction…ever, so it is still novel and fun. Of course, if I don’t pass the test the first time, my attitude may change a bit.

Before the holiday, I felt like there were tons of topics. Bali, Australia signing the Kyoto agreement,  hip trendy clothing, etc. but that has all receded into various crevices within my brain while I slog through my study materials. I’m sure they’ll percolate up again and this time I will write about it. In the meantime,  back to the Americano and Water Efficiency.


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