Looking for the perfect Americano

A few years ago, I gave up coffee.  I remember not really enjoying it and just thought why not give it up for awhile.  I was doing great…until a friend of mine made me the best Americano I had had in years. Made even ever! Since then, I have been on a undulating slope of hopes and disappointments. Everyone knows the yummy anticipation of that first sip or bite of any food or drink and I’m sure everyone knows the shiver of disappointment when that expectation is not met. It’s like biting into scrabbled egg and finding a piece of shell.

I think I may have found the most perfect Americano. But before I reveal that, here is a list of coffee shops I visit each with their own great qualities and near-perfect cups of joes:

    Vic’s Coffee on 30th or Broadway – consistently great drip coffee.
    Trident – Great atmosphere. Consistently great lattes
    Spruce Confection – Good coffee better pastries, as you would expect
    Boulder Bookend –  Great location, great book store, disappointing coffee but that’s ok
    Laughing Goat – this is an all-around great spot for hanging out and reading and drinking probably what is the second best coffee in town


Img_0942 Joe’s Espresso in the Railyard
It may not have the ambiance of the Trident or the great people watching of the BookEnd but it does have great coffee. Most of the time when I visit these places, I get a coffee to go in one of those paper cups and I am generally pretty good about recycling it. But that is really isn’t good enough anymore.  The more I read and the more I learn the less appropriate the things I do become. So, I  rooted through my pantry and found one of those plastic cups. I have no idea how it was made but I suspect the off-gases and production waste from it is pretty grim but at least I can use it over and over for years.

We can’t buy our way out of this problem but we can make changes in how we live. So, no more cups made from post-consumer waste with cute little sayings. Now I am using a fish-themed cup that I think may belong to the friend that re-introduced me to the Americano.


One response to “Looking for the perfect Americano

  1. Thanks for the kind words. We’ll be
    looking for your cup…

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