OpenEco & Sun Microsystems

Look at this interesting site co-sponsored by my company Sun Microsystems called OpenEco. The site combines the ideas of corporate responsibility, community and environmental measurement into one site. The other sponsors of the site are:

  • Ceres – this looks like a company that can help you invest responsibly
  • Inspiring Green Leadership – helps corporation go on energy diet for 6 months
  • Natural Logic – looks like they are sustainability consultants that provides the tracking tools available on the site

To get started, you need to register your company and then you can calculate your greenhouse gases and compare them with other organizations. There are other tools that allow you to track, there are faqs to read and discussion forums to review and post responses. The most interesting point of all this is the community aspect to the site. It’ll take a brave organization to honestly calculate their greenhouse gases knowing that other comparable orgs will do the same but therein lies the biggest benefit – organizations working together to address a common problem.

I couldn’t get to far into the site as I don’t really know our organizational details and I don’t think it would be too friendly to plug in bogus information. The event in March sounds great – Carbon Disclosure Project Spring Workshop 


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