Ready to ride…well, once the weather has warmed up

I just did something pretty rash in light of the news about the economy tanking…I bought a Yamaha C3 in white. It wasn’t an entirely random event. I took a motorcycle class this past summer, passed the exam and scared myself sufficiently to want to hold off on buying my own motorcycle. But I still wanted to get something I could use to get to work and run quick errands around town. This scooter is a 4-stroke engine so it’s not a big polluter like a two-stroke engine and it gets 116 mpg and holds 1.2 gallons of gas. WOW!! Of course, I expect to get less up here in Boulder but even if I just get 100 mpgs that will be pretty darn sweet. It’s also got some pretty roomy space under the seat for runs to the grocery store and work.

Dave down at Colorado Power Sports (be prepared when you go to the site, the music is pretty loud) was great. I test rode one this past weekend and was really happy with it. It takes awhile to pick up speed and you would be hard-pressed to get it up to forty without a fair bit of road in front of you but it’s absolutely perfect for what I want it for.

I also got a full-face helmet, which might seem a little extreme but if you consider the size of the scooter compared to an Excursion, then it doesn’t seem quite so silly.Yamaha



So, now I just need some temperatures above freezing and I’ll be on the road.


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