Been Traveling

I’ve been traveling for work and have had little time to update my blog, which is a shame. But I’ll be back with it this week as I start up the residential portion of the Green Building course down at CSU this Wednesday. I am really excited about this upcoming class as I hope to learn about things I can do to improve my own home.

I picked up a couple of interesting (and used) books from Amazon recently:

  • Cradle to Cradle by William McDonough
  • Green to Gold by Daniel Esty and Andrew Winston

The Cradle to Cradle book is interesting as it isn’t actually made from paper but from plastic resins. It feels like waxy paper but it’s water proof and can be reused to make paper.

Tried riding the scooter to work today only to encounter wispy clouds of grey carrying snow. I had to turn around in the drive way. I guess I was a little overly exuberant about the relatively clear weather.

I am signing up for the Seattle to Portland ride in July. I am very excited and pretty psyched about training for a 200 mile event. I am supposed to start putting in the mileage this weekend and if the weather clears I will take my first ride of the year.

I have heard lots of talk from the candidates about including provisions for green jobs in their economic stimulus packages. I wish I knew where to go to find out more information about what that means but I am thrilled to hear the candidates talking that way.


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