I’ve called her “Pearl”

PearlI’ve had my Kawaski C3 for about a month now and so far it’s been a blast. There are a couple of less than lovable traits about it, like putting gas into it is like filling up a nalgene water bottle with a water blaster and going up some of our Colorado hills feels almost a little beyond its capabilities. But all in all, it’s exactly what I wanted and allows me to get up to Interlocken without a problem. I’ve noticed some drivers don’t quite know what to do about me as I cruise along. I’ll be going the speed limit, sometimes even a little over, and they still can’t resist getting in front of me. Honestly, I think that is great as I much rather have them in front of me than behind and (potentially) impatient.

What has been unexpected about riding a scooter is noticing things normally I don’t see when I’m driving. I ride down Cherryvale, where a few farms are located,  and I can smell the farm animals. I mean really smell them. I also noticed 5 birds sitting on a street lamp at the intersection of McCaslin and Marshall the other afternoon. They just looked so out of place. There were no other birds around – just those 5 sitting on a street lamp. It has been an unexpected treat.

Now, I just need to know if I "ride" a scooter or "what" with a scooter.  Sometimes, other motorcyclists will give me a wave – a subtle flick of the wrist. I feel quite happy, like I am part of a new club  but also a bit like a poser as they are riding the real thing and I am just wearing a full-face helmet to ride a scooter. I wonder if they realize I am riding a scooter before they give me the whole solidarity wave or feel deep pangs of regret after they hear that undeniable scooter sound.


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