Boulder Global Warming Expo

The second annual Global Warming Expo is this April 3rd. The list of speakers looks entertaining. I would be keen to hear from Tom Plant, the Director of the Colorado
Governor’s Energy office.

I went to the first one last year and wasn’t that jazzed when I left but I don’t want to jump to any conclusions on this one. And I do remember they had a pretty good bag of schwag (or Action Kit) at the end. BUT you had to stay until the very end to get one, which seemed a bit mean.

On to other topics….I have two remaining class meetings of my Green Building Cert. course and then I am all done. I have kind of mixed emotions because while I am pleased not to be driving down to Denver every week, I am also beginning to wonder "What Next". I guess my time will be spent preparing for the LEED test but it has been good to meet other people interested in this subject.

Img_1252Although, I have enjoyed the class I feel like we have not tackled the real problem of what to do with our existing homes. It’s easy to move out to yet another area and build homes to a green spec. It’s much harder to tackle a built home and retro fit it economically and sustainably and I just don’t feel the course addressed that issue, which is really why I signed up. I wanted to learn what I could do about a home built in 1986. But maybe it just comes down to the obvious: improve the windows, install a higher-efficiency furnace, make sure your attic is well-insulate, etc. etc…

Here is a picture of one of the windows in my basement. I generally describe them as being made from tin foil and saran wrap. Perhaps, I can start by replacing them.


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